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The mural of George Floyd has his face outlined in yellow paint and towards the left of his are the words "I CANT BREATHE". The words are bright and multicolored. Behind George and the text there are multicolored geometric shapes.

This mural was photographed on the western side of Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland. The mural is centered on George Floyd's name next to a tombstone with RIP and his date of death. The mural includes the names of two of the police officers…

A large papier mache skull with large teeth, wearing a blue Minneapolis Police Department hat. The skull is mounted on two bicycles, which are parked on the street corner. An accompanying cardboard sign reads 'Don't mess w/Officer Friendly.'

Murals on the plywood in front of Moon Palace Books: Abolish the Police is in large block letters; Peace, BLM, Love are in large bubble letters

Sydney Petersen Norah Ntagungira GF.JPG
A painted mural on plywood with image of George Floyd. The text reads "Show up with: Your Body, Your Voice, Your Time, Your Money, Your Community, Your Mind. Justice for George Floyd." The mural has a white background and the head of George Floyd is…

This vibrant panel depicts an aqal (Somali home), inscribed with text reading Black Lives Matter.

A large panel reading "Love Thy Neighbor" with symbols reading "peace, love, ice cream."

Simple black graffiti reading "Stop Killing Us" painted on a pull-down door.

Positioned against fencing along Hyde Park Road, this sign reads “REST IN POWER / GEORGE FLOYD / BLACK LIVES MATTER / UK POLICE NOT INNOCENT” in red and black paint.

Several pieces of anti-cop graffiti on one wall, written by different hands and different colors of spray paint. Included are "Good Cop = Dead," "cops are murderers," "Kill Derek Chaufin," and "Killa cop save a life [smiley face]." This wall also…
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