Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter


The works in this collection reference Black Lives Matter directly, ranging from small, quickly-executed tags to large, collaborative street murals.

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Why Do We Have To Keep Telling You About Black Lives Matter?
"Why Do We Have To Keep Telling You About Black Lives Matter?" is spray-painted in black on the side of a building.

"BLM" is spray-painted in red on a bus sign.

If All Lives Mattered
"If All Lives Mattered I Would Not Be Screaming BLM!!!" is spray-painted in yellow on the street.

Black Lives
"Black Lives!!!" is written in black tape in a crosswalk.

Black Lives Matter to A Medic
A plywood mural depicts a Black man holding a water bottle. To the right is written "Black Lives Matter To A Medic."

Black Lives Matter Outline
In this mural, there are outlines of three people. Inside of their outlines are the names of Black people who have been victims of police brutality. Each of the outlines holds up white signs with writing. The first sign reads "We Will Not Remember…

Black Power Fist
A Black Power Fist drawn on a brown paper bag is taped to the sidewalk.

Black Lives Matter
A brown piece of paper on an electrical box has red writing that reads "Black Lives Matter."

Flag Black Power Fist
On a poster is a Black Power Fist. Inside of the Black Power Fist are the flags of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Columbia, and Bolivia.

Black Lives Matter
Nine different hands are drawn in a circle. Six of the hands are not colored in, while four of them depict different skin tones. In the middle of the hands is a heart with "Black Lives Matter."
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These images speak for themselves. The support the Black Community has been receiving is beautiful and no matter what I will remember these moments of unity and kindness from humanity.

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