Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter


The works in this collection reference Black Lives Matter directly, ranging from small, quickly-executed tags to large, collaborative street murals.

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Painted mural featuring repurposed cardboard protest signs.
Mural at the B Bar and Grill on East 4th Street. Repurposed cardboard protest signs including: "Black Lives Matter", "Say Their Names", "8 Can't Wait", "Justice for George Floyd". Mural featuring warm colors (coral, burgundy, red, orange, yellow) and…

Matter is the Minimum
Against a background of Black power fists, text reading "Matter is Minimum," followed by "Black lives are worthy!" "Black lives are beloved!" "Black lives are needed!" #BLM

BLM Barriers - End Systemic Racism
On June 16, 2020, the City of Seattle erected concrete barriers down the middle of the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) and opened the street for traffic. Almost immediately, the barriers were covered in colorful street art protesting police…

Black panels with "BLACK LIVES MATTER" and the corresponding ASL letter signs in white.

Black Power, Latinxs, Yellow Peril: United, Not Divided
A poster with a trifecta of big cats including a black panther, a jaguar, and a tiger above "United Not Divided: Black Lives Matter." Above each cat is "Black Power," "Latinxs," and "Yellow Peril," respectively.

Black Lives Matter Balances Peace and Power
A large yellow circle with "Black Lives Matter" sits between a peace sign and a Black Power fist in a circle. Words beneath the two circles read "Peace" and "Power."

Hibiscus Black Power Fist
Painted orange hibiscus with a fist as the center. The background is green with ferns and a butterfly. "Black Lives Matter" is in the upper right corner.

Black Lives Matter street mural (in progress)
Brooklyn-Based Artists created Black Lives Matter Street Art Mural

Black Lives Matter street mural in progress
Brooklyn Based Artists created Black Lives Matter Street Art Mural.

We Stand With You! - Black Lives Matter
Two painted panels. The left has "We Stand With You!" in black text on white surrounded by fruits and flowers. The right has "Black Lives Matter" in white on black surrounded by flowers.
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