Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter


The works in this collection reference Black Lives Matter directly, ranging from small, quickly-executed tags to large, collaborative street murals.

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Black Lives Matter Afro
A Black female figure wearing a mask has "Black Lives Matter" written in blue in her hair. Behind the figure are Black Power Fists.

Give Us Our Flowers Street Mural
A street mural portrays the heads of four Black women in red and orange flowers. Underneath the flowers, there are blue and pink lines with "Black Trans Lives Matter" written on it. Above the heads of the women, "Give Us Our Flowers Now" is written…

Black Lives Matter Street Mural, Kemptown, UK
A street mural in Kemptown portrays a variety of protestors on the left side holding signs. Some of the signs read "Unapologetically Black," "Say Their Names," and "All Black Lives Matter." Behind the protesters, there are names of Black victims of…

Black Lives Matter Plaza Street Art Gallery, Washington, DC
Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette Park and the White House in Washington, DC.

The walkway—a block long and built by the city—created a temporary art gallery and provided…

Why Do We Have To Keep Telling You About Black Lives Matter?
"Why Do We Have To Keep Telling You About Black Lives Matter?" is spray-painted in black on the side of a building.

"BLM" is spray-painted in red on a bus sign.

He Couldn't Breathe
"BLM He Couldn't Breathe" is written in yellow chalk on the street.

If All Lives Mattered
"If All Lives Mattered I Would Not Be Screaming BLM!!!" is spray-painted in yellow on the street.

Black Lives
"Black Lives!!!" is written in black tape in a crosswalk.

Injustice To All African People
A poster reads "Injustice On Any African Anywhere Is Injustice To All African People Everywhere."
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These images speak for themselves. The support the Black Community has been receiving is beautiful and no matter what I will remember these moments of unity and kindness from humanity.

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