Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter


The works in this collection reference Black Lives Matter directly, ranging from small, quickly-executed tags to large, collaborative street murals.

Collection Items

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter is written on a marquee. Underneath, there is a chalkboard that addresses a grandmother's vision for her Black grandchild.

Black Lives Matter Fence
Material has been threaded through a chain link fence which reads "Black Lives Matter."

Marshawn Lynch Portrait
Plywood boards painted with a close-up portrait of Marshawn Lynch.

Boots Riley Portrait
Plywood boards painted with a portrait of Boots Riley. The portrait is black and white with a red background. It has been tagged at the time of this photograph.

BLM Sign
A sign reading "BLM" has been hung on a fence. Nearby graffiti reads "I Love U"

Prince Black Lives Matter
Plywood panels have been painted white with a Prince Love symbol, additional paintings, and "BLM" in purple.

Black Lives Matter Sign on a Church
A sign reading "Black Lives Matter" has been hung on a church.

Black Lives Matter I Have a Dream
A sign with Martin Luther King Jr. has been placed in a window with text reading "Black Lives Matter I Have a Dream."

Nipsey Hussle
Activist and rapper Nipsey Hussle who wrote "FDT" ("Fuck Donald Trump") with YG has been painted on a utility box.

2020 Vision #BLM
Plywood boards have been painted black and white with the text "2020 Vision #BLM."
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These images speak for themselves. The support the Black Community has been receiving is beautiful and no matter what I will remember these moments of unity and kindness from humanity.

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