Hope, Unity, Community


Hope, Unity, Community


Images and text in this group focus on unity and hope as a path for the future, or focus on the power of community in overcoming racism.

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Human...And Justice For All
Plywood panels cover the windows of a restaurant. Set against a vivid, cobalt blue background are there realistic, anatomical hearts of slightly different sizes. The hearts are accompanied by text reading "Human....And Justice For All." Text under…

A mural on the side of a building reads "Courage" in red and yellow letters. A Black Power fist holds a peace sign in the letter "O." At the end of "Courage" "BLM!" is written in black. Behind "Courage" is a blue and green camouflage background.

Power to the People
A piece of plywood on the side of a brick building depicts a blue circle inside of a yellow circle. "Power to the" is written in the yellow circle and "People" and "BLM" are written in the blue circle. Underneath the phrases, are seven eyes. At the…

Come Together
"Come Together" is painted on a piece of plywood with white paint. At the end of "Together" is a white heart. The background consists of blue, pink, and orange shapes.

A mural on the side of a building depicts a blue heart with a black heart inside of it on a pink and yellow background. Underneath the heart, "Together" is written in black paint. The "O" of "Together" is a peace sign.

Dear America — Peace Through Protest 2020
A Black Power Fist painted in red holds a yellow peace sign. Written inside of the fist in green paint is "Peace Through Protest 2020."

Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette…

UNITY – Demand Change
"Unity" is placed in orange letters on a walkway.

Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette Park and the White House in Washington, DC.

The walkway—a block long and built by the…

CHANGE = HEALING, Healing Starts Within, Face Yourself
A black and yellow mural in the Gallery Place/Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, DC. On the yellow part of the mural, "Change = Healing Healing Starts Within"is written. On the black part of the mural, "Face Yourself" is written next to an…

Together We Rise
In this mural, two hands join together. One hand is tan and the other is Black. Surrounding the hands is a ribbon that reads "Unity, Love, Hope, Change Together We Rise."
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