End Racism Street Mural, Fort Worth, TX



Kellton Hollins


End Racism Street Mural, Fort Worth, TX


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Inspired by the “End Racism Now” mural painted on the Main Street of downtown Fort Worth in June, Hollins approached Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. on July 4 with the idea to create something similar on the TCU campus.


TCU (Texas Christian University) football player, Kellton Hollins, approached University officials in an email saying he wanted to create a message on TCU’s campus like the “End Racism Now” street mural in downtown Fort Worth. According to Art+Seek, the downtown mural was commissioned by the Tarrant County Democratic Party and designed by Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby. This mural was not permanent and was done in all water-based paint (Weeks). The mural was painted by over two hundred volunteers including Hollins, who in return wanted to empower specifically fellow Black student-athletes on TCU’s campus. TCU’s mural was designed by student-athletes at TCU and painted by a myriad of students, staff, and faculty. The mural depicts the word “End” in dark blue and “Racism” in black and was painted on August 7th, 2020, two months after the downtown Fort Worth mural.   

TCU’s mural was located on a sidewalk on campus and was chosen because it sits between the athletic and academic sides of campus. This was intentionally done to bridge the gap between students and student-athletes. After participating in the painting of the mural, students, athletes, and faculty were invited to sign their names on the mural showing their dedication and support to Hollins’ anti-racism pledge. The pledge on TCU’s student newspaper website reads, “Racism has penetrated the roots of our country and has been a part of its history since the beginning. With the climate of today’s world, we must decide what we are fighting for. No longer will we stand for any form of racism. By signing what we are fighting, you are committing to standing in solidarity with those who have fought against racism for years. By signing your name, you are committing to educating yourself and others about the injustices in America. By signing your name, you are committing to taking action. We must END RACISM” (Umsted). The fate of the mural remains unknown, although a Google Earth search does not show that the mural is still present.   

Researched by Ellie Patronas


Umsted, Renee. “TCU Football Player Sparks Making of 'End Racism' Mural.” 
TCU 360, 29 Sept. 2020, tcu360.com/2020/08/10/tcu-football-player-sparks-making-of-end-racism-mural/.  

Weeks, Jerome. “Hundreds Paint Mural Declaring 'End Racism Now' in Fort Worth.” Art&Seek, 11 Nov. 2020, artandseek.org/2020/06/29/hundreds-paint-mural-declaring-end-racism-now-in-fort-worth/.  

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News Coverage by TCU 360 and TCU

Youtube video by TCU Athletics

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Artist: Kellton Hollins

Photographer: TCU News


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Located on Highview Tr. / "Frog Ally"

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