Black Lives Matter Street Mural, Denver, CO



Adri Noris


Black Lives Matter Street Mural, Denver, CO


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"BLACK LIVES MATTER REMEMBER THIS TIME" is painted on the pavement. The Black Lives Matter letters are defined by a white painted background and are detailed with shades of black, brown and yellow.

REMEMBER THIS TIME in yellow on pavement.


The creator of this mural is Adri Noris. It is a sanctioned mural located in Denver, Colorado. The mural was painted in 2020. It was located between the Colorado Capital and Denver’s City and County building and spans the length of two city blocks. This location was chosen due to the active environment around the area and the proximity of the capital. Hundreds of volunteers helped Adri paint this mural. It reads “Black Lives Matter” and below “Remember this time.”  

The mural was not paved over or removed, but it was also not kept. As of 2023, it has significantly faded.  

It was said when painting, the community was in a high state of anger and grief, due to COVID and its disproportionate effect on people of color and those experiencing poverty. In the article, this mural is not a counter to the protests, or toward the looting and all the violence that has been happening in the area. The broadway was closed off for four days for people to walk through on foot to admire the work that was put into this mural.  

City workers also installed a new street sign for the block now being named “Black Lives Matter Blvd.” This mural influenced a change in this street name is still currently Black Lives Matters Blvd. Midday in Denver while painting the white paint was blinding and it was 90 degrees to finish the mural Noris and a few others danced across the canvas smearing the paint.  

Researched by Urban Art Mapping Team

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News Coverage by The Denver Post


Artist: Adri Noris

Photographer: Denver Post


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Located on Broadway between Colfax Ave. and 14th Ave. in front of the state capitol.

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