"It Is Never My Intention To Harm Anyone" | Bringing Back Bowery



Scooter LaForge, Maya Edelman, and Sono Kuwayama


"It Is Never My Intention To Harm Anyone" | Bringing Back Bowery


325 Bowery, New York, NY, 10003


An expansion of a previously existing mural by Maya Edelman, The previously existing mural features a white swatch on a piece of plywood previously marked with other graffiti and tags that reads in large black block font: "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER". Between these words is a painting of the upper half of a person's face, with purple skin and long flowing blue hair. Underneath the person's face is a series of miscellaneous prints and painted freeform flowers surrounding a periwinkle triangle, with an inner triangle outline. The triangle is also bordered with a black and orange line.

The additions to the previous mural are extensive. The formerly white space below the original mural is now filled with vibrant imagery: foliage and greenery as a budding tree grows from the leftmost corner, blossoms bloom along the base of the mural, and a red skull with blue teeth sits in the rightmost corner.

What was formerly unpainted plywood above the "Black Trans Lives Matter" text is now painted as a tribute to Eric Garner. A portrait of a smiling Garner is now on the leftmost corner. Next to his face, a white swatch of paint interrupts the red background to state, in fully-capitalized lettering: "Eric Garner Died Thursday July 17th 2014 (Choke Hold) by NYPD." A blue circle reads "RIP" next to his final words: "I Can't Breathe" and "It Is Never My Intention to Harm Anyone". With multiple officers pinning him down, Garner repeated the words "I can't breathe" 11 times while lying face down on the sidewalk. o indictments resulted from Garner's murder, despite the chokehold that he was placed in at the time of his arrest being a prohibited hold.


Posted by @Bringing_Back_Bowery on Instagram. Caption: "Latest collaboration mural with @scooterlaforge @longunevenhair and @sonokuwayama at Bar Primi on the corner of Bowery and 2nd street"


Artist: Scooter LaForge, Maya Edelman, and Sono Kuwayama
Image: @Bringing_Back_Bowery on Instagram


Urban Art Mapping Research Project




Original Format

Painting on plywood



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