Chasing the Light - Signs of Protest - George Floyd Tribute - Black Lives Matter





Chasing the Light - Signs of Protest - George Floyd Tribute - Black Lives Matter


3006 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, USA


Left to right:

A flashlight with "Chasing the Light" at the top. Painted text along the shaft reads, "But society deemed everything white as right and decided my pigment provides such contrast, it can only perpetuate blight. Thus a man like me could not be striving for light, I am only capable of the narrative that society has given me. The darkest night of my life branded on me, the only reflection they will ever see. My strife is my outlook on life-right? Who are you to decide? You are the majority, suffocation the voice of the minority. Controlling the way the masses perceive our very personal reality with your biased, racist, & prejudiced targeted media & agenda.
"If I submit to the temptations of the flesh, does that now make my flesh worth less? Because I wear my struggle stamped on my chest, does that make my flesh worth less than the man who hides his demise behind facade, privelage, money, & pride? If my tribulation is not in your perview does it then cease to exist or is that just the privilege that you carry & are so offended about- rearing its ugly head? I don't care about your statistics to rebuttal this movement. I am MORE than a statistic & if you saw my life as worthy you'd know better than to compare it to your skewed numeral benefit! My life doesn't matter. That's why I must use it to change the world. WHY do I have to die to change the world?
"My life won't matter until my brothers & sisters, who don't look like me, decide it does. Decide to understand it & act on it. Systemically, economically, & societally. I want to rest in power but I lost my life to power & left this world feeling scared & powerless. The only way I will rest is to know my life was served justice! I am a man of the flesh. Ultimately, we all end. Flesh trying to be heard and prove our worth. Persistently chasing light despite the constant battle with darkness in our mind. There comes a fork in the road on the journey to light that the majority is not likely to be subjected to. The ever winding road on my side of the fork seems to dim the light. The trek you go through results in the chase becoming hopeless, almost as if it's unattainable. But I won't give up, won't quit now, no matter how bleak & agony filled it is having a knee on my neck with every step. But now this knee is so deep, I can't breathe. Can't come up for breath, knee pressed against my neck til the light I fought so hard to find leaves my eyes. Some will say it was never there. Who are they to decide? To pass judgment on my journey should not permit you the ability to end it EARLY!
"Death is permanent. We are all Flesh. Why is Mine Worth Less?"

The next panel has public use and traffic signs with "Justice" and "One Life" on them.

The next panel has a portrait of George Floyd carrying his daughter, Geonna.

The last panel is painted blue with "Black Lives Matter," which has been sprayed over.


Urban Outfitters
Both "Chasing the Light" and "George Floyd Tribute" plywood murals were included in the exhibit, "Justice For George: Messages From The People," on May 22nd, 2021.


Froukje Akkerman
Exhibit Photographer: Todd Lawrence


Urban Art Mapping Research Project


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