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"Love More Hate Not" painted in white on a the pavement in the street.

The phrase "Yes I'm Black but I'm not a Killer" written in red on a crosswalk among other faded words.

Graffiti on a crosswalk reading "Abolish Genocide" and "Fuck 12". Faded "Fuck 12" graffiti can be seen faintly in the white bars of the crosswalk.

A memorial to George Floyd at the intersection of his murder at 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis surrounded by potted plant, stuffed animals and cut flower bouquets. A cardboard sign reads in black Sharpie lettering "Artists for George." Behind…

Genesis 4.10.jpg
A quote from Genesis 4:10 painted on the street near the site where George Floyd was murdered. The quote, in large block letters, reads "The lord said what have you done your brothers blood cries out to me."

Text reading "The Revolution Won't Be Televised" painted in black spray paint on the street.

Wildstyle "Justice" in white with black shading. Covers tag that partially reads "Bring" and "Streets."
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