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A stenciled portrait of George Floyd's face, rendered in shades of blue.

A stencil portrait of George Floyd with text reading REST IN POWER/GEORGE FLOYD in red spray paint. Next to this (and apparently by a separate hand) is an image of a pig representing cops.

A stencil portrait of George Floyd with text reading "REST IN POWER," on pavement.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.50.59 PM.png
White stencil on a utility box reading "Together We Can Take Down the Hate Machine."

George Floyd Rest in Power, stencil on plywood board.

Breonna Taylor Rest in Power stencil on plywood board.

Justice=Reform 1.jpg
"JUSTICE = REFORM" spray painted with a stencil on the sidewalk. Photographer's feet in the photo for scale.

The south wall brick exterior of a building. George Floyd's face has been painted four times in shades of blue on the wall using a stencil. The closer you get to the faces, the blurrier they appear, but from a distance, the subject matter is clear.

A protester wearing a COVID mask, all painted in black, throws a colorful bouquet of flowers. BLM is written underneath. Created using a stencil.
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