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A red "George" throw up with a heart for the "O". The work purposefully covers previous text reading, "Minority Owned."

Two panels: One with "How Are You Unlearning White Supremacy?" in black and the other reading "Fuck 12" and "Make Change" in green.

Red spray-painted text, "People Live Here" with an arrow pointed up. "Please Don't Burn."

Green text, "BLM" with "People Live Upstairs" underneath. "Say His Name" and "George Floyd" an the right panel.

"Can you HEAR us Now?" underneath three buffs. "ARE WE LOUD! Enough!" around the corner in the same paint. "Rise Like Lions" in blue above the first tag. "Gho$t Man" tag next to it.

Black spray-painted "capitalism" and a green "George" tag on a building next to a burned Wells Fargo building. "I Can't Breathe" sprayed on the ground.

Blue text "Be Kind to Each Love Each," an arrow pointing right, "Other. Forgive Each Other. God has Forged You!"

Green text on panels "GEORGE FLOYD" and "SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS LOVES YOU" and "BLM." Green hearts accent the text.

Spray-painted text on a sidewalk. Reads "I Cant Breath!" and "George."
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