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"We the People" written in white spray paint in an alley.

Language Sprout_1832 St Clair_55105_2.jpg
Language Sprout and neighboring businesses is boarded up, with spray painted foot in blue, Justice and Love G.F. in black, We Love MPS STP in pink and blue, and "We Love you, We See You, We Support You."

A large spray painted orange, red, blue lettering on plywood covering storefront window reading "We Love Your George."

Blue and yellow spray-painted text "We Love MPLS," and "LOCALLY OWNED."

Mural style street art of a banner that reads "We

Mecca Linen_2500 Central Ave NE_55418_1.jpg
Mecca Linen boarded up with "We Are Open" written all over the plywood.

Spray-painted names of Black people killed by police. "We (I) Need Justice" and "#Don't Kill Us."

The first response to news of George Floyd's murder in Athens was this slogan, written in the politically left-leaning neighborhood of Exarcheia: "Until all police states burn: Fight for George Floyd." It was painted over within two days of its…

A circle with two multicolored hands clasping each other is in the middle of a long wall. To the left of the circle, the wall is painted yellow with "Black Lives Matter" painted in black on it. To the right of the circle, the wall is painted black…

"Unity" throw up with pink and blue background, Letters are black and white.
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