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"#BLM" has been spray painted in yellow on a street.

#Justice For Winston Smith spray painted in teal on the street.

A stencil of George Floyd's face with the text "8:46" on his face. This is painted on a sidewalk with pink and black spray paint.

Large block letters reading "Abolish the Police" along with stylized letters reading "Justice," "BLM," and "Love" covering a large panel.

Large block letters reading "ACAB" and smaller text reading "Fuck the Police." written in spray paint directly on the brick surface of the building.

ACAB spray-painted on a tree planter outside of a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department. A circle encloses the second A as a symbol for anarchy.

Color photograph of ACAB ("All Cops are Bastards") graffiti spray-painted in black on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Black spray painted text that says "America is Cancelled," located on side of the unoccupied orange vehicle.

A blue heart spray painted with the stenciled text "Be Celebrated Not Tolerated."
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