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There is a Black woman with natural hair show in profile picture. She is wearing a shoulderless top with a geometric pattern on it that includes the colors white, grey, red, and orange. The woman is looking at the words "Embracing your true self…

"Black Lives Matter" written in white spray paint on a brick wall.

Black and red text, "Family Inside," "Black Lives Matter," a peace sign, "We Want Cops In Cuffs," "People Live Here," "Kids Live Here," and "Don't Burn, We Live Here."

Plywood panel painted white with a portrait of a Black person in the center. The portrait is painted in a rainbow of colors with a pieced affect that resembles stained glass. The centered portrait is surrounded by four black roses that have a…

Black spray-painted text, "Black Lives Matter" and #JFG." A black rose with white lining and a peace sign are under the hashtag. Five printed images of a Black man at the bottom.

"REST IN POWER" in black on panel to the left.

black panther.jpg
Plywood panels covering a window, spray painted shades of purple and white in a pattern resembling wheel spokes. Centered is a black panther with some patterned spots along its sides and legs. The panther holds a long flagpole in its mouth. In the…

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 10.08.34 AM.png
Three ply wood boards.
From left to right: (1)blue "Black lives matter" text and red peace sign. (2) red text, "Don't Shoot" and black cartoon figure. (3) pink peace sign and words "liberty + justice 4 all"

Initially, a small sign reading "Black Lives Matter" was in the window of this restaurant. (It is included in this database, identifier UAM-GF_0039). Four large and two small panels of plywood later covered that window, and five others, to protect…

Plywood from the Wadajir Grocery reads "Black Owned."

Large black rose with white lining. "We all are people" in black. Patches of blue and yellow paint.
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