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road sign with graffiti.jpg
The words "nothing to lose but our chains" are spray painted in orange on a traffic sign entering George Floyd Square. The "Road Closed" of the original sign are modified to read "closed to pigs" with black spray paint. "Antifa 20" are additionally…

no cops road sign.jpg
The words "no cops" are spray painted green and black on a traffic sign, entering George Floyd Square.

A stop sign that has been modified with graffiti so that it reads: "Stop Murdering BIPOC"

A stop ahead sign modified to read "Stop Facism"

A sticker adhered to the back of a stop sign reading "Every Body Hates the Police" and "Eternal war against the peace | #blue lives don't matter" The text is set against an abstracted image of police in riot gear enveloped by flames and smoke.

A stop sign with black spray paint writing. There is an arrow leading from the word STOP to the words "killing black people." Altogether the sign reads: STOP killing black people.

The Hamline Avenue station sign for the light rail green line. "GEORGE FLOYD #JUSTICE" is quickly written in black letters using a Sharpie.

A standard red stop sign with "Stop" in white letters. Underneath "stop" green graffiti spells out "hate" to create a new message: "stop hate."

A standard red stop sign with "stop" in white letters. Underneath "stop" green graffitti spells out "killing" to make a new message: "stop killing"
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