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A standard red stop sign with "stop" in white letters. Underneath "stop" green graffitti spells out "killing" to make a new message: "stop killing"

A standard red stop sign with "Stop" in white letters. Underneath "stop" green graffiti spells out "hate" to create a new message: "stop hate."

The Hamline Avenue station sign for the light rail green line. "GEORGE FLOYD #JUSTICE" is quickly written in black letters using a Sharpie.

A stop sign with black spray paint writing. There is an arrow leading from the word STOP to the words "killing black people." Altogether the sign reads: STOP killing black people.

A sticker adhered to the back of a stop sign reading "Every Body Hates the Police" and "Eternal war against the peace | #blue lives don't matter" The text is set against an abstracted image of police in riot gear enveloped by flames and smoke.

A stop ahead sign modified to read "Stop Facism"

A stop sign that has been modified with graffiti so that it reads: "Stop Murdering BIPOC"

no cops road sign.jpg
The words "no cops" are spray painted green and black on a traffic sign, entering George Floyd Square.

road sign with graffiti.jpg
The words "nothing to lose but our chains" are spray painted in orange on a traffic sign entering George Floyd Square. The "Road Closed" of the original sign are modified to read "closed to pigs" with black spray paint. "Antifa 20" are additionally…

On a stop sign, a white piece of paper underneath the word stop makes the entire sign say in all caps, "STOP WHITE SUPREMACY".
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