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"Black Lives Matter" is painted in red, yellow, and red on the pavement. The phrase is followed by George Floyd's Football Jersey in front of his former high school.

The mural was commissioned by Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, the…

#Pare O Abuso De Poder ("Stop Abuse of Power") is painted in white traffic paint on the pavement on one lane of a cable suspension bridge.

The mural was organized by Engenharia de Tráfego (CET) (The Traffic Engineering Company).

"Unite Against Racism" is painted on the pavement. Each letter on the mural has its own theme with words like ‘Power to the People’ and ‘Black Votes Matter’ painted inside.

#Busque Racismo Estructural ("Search for Structural Racism") is painted in white on the pavement.

#O Futuro É Uma Muher Preta ("the future is a black woman") is painted in white traffic paint on the pavement.

#VIDAS PRETAS IMPORTAM ("Black Lives Matter") is written in white traffic paint on the pavement.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow bold letters on the pavement. On each side, there are three red, black, and green stripes.

Ash Orr, president of Morgantown Pride and member of the Human Rights Commission, along with Jerry Carr,…

A Pride Flag, American Indian Movement Flag, and Pan African Flag are painted on the pavement.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow on the pavement. Located on Lawrence St between Lowell St. and Common St.

On October 24th, 2020, the DEIC, in conjunction with CHA Director of Operations, Kevin Braga, hosted a community art project bringing Cambridge its first BLACK LIVES MATTER street murals on a public street running adjacent to the CHA’s Washington…
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