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"Unite Against Racism" is painted on the pavement. Each letter on the mural has its own theme with words like ‘Power to the People’ and ‘Black Votes Matter’ painted inside.

#Busque Racismo Estructural ("Search for Structural Racism") is painted in white on the pavement.

Inspired by the “End Racism Now” mural painted on the Main Street of downtown Fort Worth in June, Hollins approached Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. on July 4 with the idea to create something similar on the TCU campus.

Screenshot 2022-06-23 133244.png
"No Room For Racism" is written 100 feet across the street. There are faces of the Friendship 9 stenciled in black and white with city logo colors.

End Racism Now is painted on the red pavement. The words "End" and "Now" are painted in white, while "Racism" is painted in black.

The mural was organized by Deborah Peoples.

End Racism Now #BLM is painted on the pavement in colorful letters. Each of the letters has a different design that was designed by 16 local artists. The mural was organized by the Community Mural Project, Triad Cultural Arts, Ministers'Conference…

"END RACISM NOW" is painted in yellow traffic paint on the pavement. Near it are the names of victims of police violence including Donta Dawson and David Jones, who are two local victims of police brutality.

BLM_ Plaza-8.jpg
This poster depicts a foot stepping on the word "Racism." Next to the foot are the words "Stamp Out."

Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette Park and the White House in…

A piece of paper is taped to a street light pole. On the piece of paper, is a message addressed to the parents of white children. Under the message, are links for donating.
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