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Several pieces of anti-cop graffiti on one wall, written by different hands and different colors of spray paint. Included are "Good Cop = Dead," "cops are murderers," "Kill Derek Chaufin," and "Killa cop save a life [smiley face]." This wall also…

Red "Rest in Power George Floyd" stencil with portrait next to a pig face tag. Located on the west wall of a defunct BP station.

A stencil portrait of George Floyd with text reading REST IN POWER/GEORGE FLOYD in red spray paint. Next to this (and apparently by a separate hand) is an image of a pig representing cops.

Graffiti in red paint on a wall reading "Police murdered George Fuck 12 pig."

Sticker reading “All cops are bastards” with the text wrapped around the head of a pig wearing a police cap. The sticker is on the back of a street sign.

A simple drawing of a pig's face, symbolizing cops.

The top piece is a black outline tag of a hand giving the middle finger with a pig face beneath it. Beneath these are pieces that may or may not be related.

A pig wearing a MPLS cap. The pig has squinty eyes, a misshapen snout, and red blood splatters on its ears.

A sticker reading "Justice for George" with a pig behind bars. The sticker is adhered to a sign at a four way stop.
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