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"no justice no peace" written on the sidewalk with a peace sign below it at George Floyd Square.

"Black Boy Joy" is written on a shed in green spray paint along with peace signs, hearts, cats, a star, and a face.

Written in red paint on an electric box, 'ALL POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE' 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' with a red peace sign.

A brightly colored mural reading "Know Justice Know Peace" with a vivid pink background, rainbow letters, flower, swirling forms, and a peace sign.

A piece on display on the Springboard for the Arts building in Saint Paul Minnesota. A mural with a white background and a large blue peace sign and blue flowers and the word "Justice".

"This is the Revolution" and "BLM" spray painted on plywood boards with pink and blu details, a peace sign, and a heart.

"RIP Floyd" is spray painted in blue on the plywood boards of the Uptown Walgreens. The "O" in "Floyd" is an upside-down peace sign.

Green bubble letters reading "Time 4 Change" on a blue background.

Throw-up of red, and green lettering. Reads "Big Floyd." The "o" is a blue peace sign. Two red stars punctuate the name. The background is blue.
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