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"no justice no peace" written on the sidewalk with a peace sign below it at George Floyd Square.

"Black Boy Joy" is written on a shed in green spray paint along with peace signs, hearts, cats, a star, and a face.

Written in red paint on an electric box, 'ALL POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE' 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' with a red peace sign.

A brightly colored mural reading "Know Justice Know Peace" with a vivid pink background, rainbow letters, flower, swirling forms, and a peace sign.

A piece on display on the Springboard for the Arts building in Saint Paul Minnesota. A mural with a white background and a large blue peace sign and blue flowers and the word "Justice".

Wall filled with messages and symbols. Symbols include: peace sign, heart, sun, rainbow, eyeball, smiley face wearing a mask, stop sign and two Black Power fists, one with a broken chain and one with "Caution: Change." Messages include: "Through Good…

Mural with two Black women and a young girl. One woman is pregnant, wearing red and holding a peace sign. The other with the young girl wearing green and white respectively. "All Mothers Were Summoned When He Called Out For His." in white text in the…

Painted and crayoned "George"s, rainbows, peace signs, suns, and small handprints.

A MN outline with a dove, a flower, a peace sign, an octopus tentacle, a Black woman's face in a heart, and two figures holding hands. "MINNESOTA STRONG" and "We stand Together."

Green and pink bubble letters "Show your Love" with a peace sign and hearts.
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