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Painting of Breonna Taylor on pavement in blue and red.

Graffiti in the street reading "This is just the beginning we will win!" This piece is written with yellow paint.

Genesis 4.10.jpg
A quote from Genesis 4:10 painted on the street near the site where George Floyd was murdered. The quote, in large block letters, reads "The lord said what have you done your brothers blood cries out to me."

Black fist stencil, orange paving_10.11.20.jpg
A Black power fist stencil painted in black on the pavement near an intersection.

"Cops Suck Balls" is spray painted with black paint on a sidewalk. This is surrounded by other graffiti.

Why is God white__1.15.21.jpg
Words stenciled on the pavement in white paint read "Why is God white?"

Sidewalk George Floyd_1.15.21.jpg
On a sidewalk, the words "Say his name" and "George Floyd" are written in white spray paint.

Words stenciled in black paint on the pavement read, "It's Ok to be Black."

Stenciled words in black paint read, "NYPD = Nazi Scum".
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