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12 by 12 foot black and white portrait of George Floyd painted on a wooden panel hung on a stand.

Artist spraying a series of blue hearts next to an unfinished Black Power Fist and a yellow panel reading "ive" and "Qtter."

Painted panel: Abstract face wearing a triangular black hat with a star and a black bandanna. "Black Lives Matter" is on the bandanna. Cuffs with the Mexican flag are under the face. "FREE US!" in bold red letters.

"We Are Open" signs are on the…

Crowd of faces with "We" in the center.

Red and blue sun with large blue eyes and red lips. The outer ring of the sun has triangles and a chevron pattern. Four blue clouds surround the sun.

On the left "Solidarity Through Reverence" is painted above a peace sign composed of grass and hearts. On the right there is large butterfly filled in with hearts, peace signs, rainbows, and a sun,

A large panel reading "While Black Project" has been put on a storefront with two children with a target on their heads and an American Flag background.

A panel from the previous, problematic "Reconciliation" mural (removed in June 2020) reused as a barricade to protect George Floyd Square from the city's attempt to open it to vehicular traffic.
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