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A large row of plywood panels read "George Floyd Remembered." George is painted in smaller black script, while "Floyd" is painted in large blue and red bubble letters. "Remembered" is painted in smaller black script. Near "remembered" two hearts and…

A series of large black and white prints on panels located at Hook and Ladder Theater, adjacent to the 3rd police precinct in Minneapolis, which was abandoned and burned on May 28, 2020. The prints are a combination of text and images. All of the…

In the mural, a Black health care professional wears a blue mask on as well as her blue scrubs. The woman has her eyes closed and has her hair up. Her hair has white roses in it along with blue flowers and roots. On her chest is a human heart that…

"George Floyd Remembered" written in blue, red, and black, in different styles including calligraphy and bubble letters. A flower and a heart are painted below the word "Remembered."

Various BLM and anti-police graffiti. They read "No Justice No Peace," "BLM," "D.W.," "Dolal IDD," "Long Live," "Daunte Wright," and "Abolish the police."

A heart reading "4E Love GF, God Loves All" in a red heart. A brown BLM fist can be seen on the wall behind it.

Two messages on the sidewalk reading "FK 12" and "This 2 Shall Pass" with a peace sign and a heart beneath it.

"I Cannot" Written on a stylistic image of a black person with their hands in the air. On the same plywood are hearts, a red BLM fist, graffiti that writes "FUCK 12" and "MARXISTS ARE TRYING TO MAKE STATE STREET A BOARDED UP UNSAFE DYSTOPIA".

Various graffiti at the strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department: "BLM", "Fuck the Jakes", "Long live my cus Daunte Wright", "ACAB", "Fuck 12", and three red hearts. The words "Justice for Blaks Pride" are underlined…

Graffiti painted on a boarded window. "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" surrounded by miscellaneous graffiti and a colorful sun.
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