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The face and hands of a man are outlined and wearing handcuffs. "Love" is painted across his face and framed by his hands. On the left side of the plywood panel, "Every One Is The Same" is painted in red, orange, brown, and yellow. Circles are…

A mural of multiple hands enveloping Daunte Wright as he looks skyward. One arm is held aloft with an air freshener hanging from his finger. A halo of gold surrounds his head and a gold teardrop runs down his face. The words Beloved is written on the…

Mural style street art containing multiple BLM references including an image of a George Floyd with the words "THE IMPORTANCE OF BLACK LIVES ISN'T A DEBATE." Floyd's body includes silhouettes of protestors. This board also includes spray painted…

Mural style street art created to involve children as a working art piece, "Dear Children feel free to add your mark as a promise to do better". One addition writes "I AM BLACK. BLM" In addition, numerous handprints have been added to the mural.

"SAY THEIR NAMES" is written in paint alongside dozens of hand-prints and names of Black people that have been killed at the hands of police.

Blue "ONE LOVE" above a heart held up by five hands. Red "Minneapolis" underneath.

Six gloved hands holding up the Earth. A paper sign to the right reads "We Are Open."

Brown outline of hands holding open a book. One hand and one page is filled in. The background is green.

In a rectangular four panel grid format, hands hold up picket signs with the words "protest", "pride", "peace" and "power."

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 10.04.37 PM.png
1. Blue text that reads BLM and RIP George Floyd surrounded by blue and white hearts.
2.'Say his name' in red, white and blue. 14 hands reaching out. Four faces looking to the street.
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