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A wall with graffiti in black and blue paint. The text reads "Cops Kill We Get Busy," "Fuck The Police," "All Cops Are Derek Chauvin," and "FU12."

"Rest in power" on a black, red, and green board leaning on a window. On the pavement below, it reads "Fuck the pol(ice)".

"FTP" written in red spray paint on a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Spray painted on plywood, "Fuck the police." Over 'police' the word 'Elite' has been spray painted. Someone has attempted to cover up the two words with a muted black spray paint.

"BLM" and "Fuck the Police" written in black spray paint on plywood boards and the side of the business.

Sticker of popular children's book characters Frog and Toad riding a tandem bicycle with the words "FUCK THE POLICE" written below them. The sticker is on a pole where other flyers have been taped.

"FTP ACAB" and "George Floyd" are written in black spray paint on the Loring Greenway bike bridge above a throw-up. Each set of text apprears to be painted by different artists. All of the lettering follows the lines of the walls of the bridge.

A piece of plywood was placed over a business door. It has been spray painted repeatedly on the top, lastly with white paint reading "302." Under this a reddish brown reads "RIP Floyd, We Love You, Fuck 12." To the right of this another plywood piece…

Large block letters reading "ACAB" and smaller text reading "Fuck the Police." written in spray paint directly on the brick surface of the building.
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