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Two panels: One with "How Are You Unlearning White Supremacy?" in black and the other reading "Fuck 12" and "Make Change" in green.

Spray-painted text on a burned building. Includes, "Fuck 12," "I can't breathe," "Native Lives Matter," and "No Justice No Peace."

Collections of tags on an uncovered building. Includes "They killed George Floyd," "FUCK 12," "05/25 RIP GEORGE FLOYD" in black.

Graffiti reading “Fuck 12” possibly in sharpie on an crosswalk button pole.

Graffiti reading “Fuck 12” in red spray paint on the pavement of the parking lot outside the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation. The building is boarded up on the front and a large, black, iron fence surrounds the parking lot. This phrase as well…

Graffiti reading “Fuck 12” possibly in sharpie on an electrical pole box.

ACAB/Fuck 12 tags on rear of Cup Foods (ally access). White pig(?) face with black outline and lettering and bright pink lettering over top of other tags

Graffiti on a cement pylon reading "No Fun," "ACAB," and "FUCK 12." Painted on a jersey barrier.

garbage acab.jpg
A large garbage bin was graffitied near the Holiday gas station on Cedar and 36th after the death of Dolal Idd by police officers. The graffiti was done with black spray paint and reads “kill kkkops,” “fuck the pigs,” “ACAB,” and “fuck 12” written…
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