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Matthew Grote and Cori Wolff created these works on the historic Woodward Theater in Cincinnati, OH, to elevate the voices of some of our nation's most iconic protest songs. They enjoyed spending time outdoors talking with the community.

The panel around the left corner reads "Stop Killing Black people" in red spray paint. The main image features a bloody Black Power fist with a white banner above that reads "Black Lives Matter". One either side of the first are "#Justice for George…

BLM Pride.jpg
This mural brings together BLM and Pride with the use of a rainbow flag and a monumental black fist.

Two panels on one wall. One panel depicts a raised fist. The second panel depicts a figure show in silhouette, first raised in a gesture of power. Text lists the names of POC killed by the police or white vigilante injustice, including George Floyd,…

"We Support BIPOC" in block letters, "George Floyd" in cursive script, and a Black Power fist, with hearts and a peace sign, overlaid on colorful squares.

"George Floyd" and "Rest in Power" in blue and pink block letters, with fist of power with flowers, painted on glass.

An image of a sunflower and butterfly with text reading "Union" and "Paz y amor."

This spray painted panel includes symbols of Black Lives Matter, Purple Rain, Tears, and the Minneapolis skyline.
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