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On a blue background, a stylized portrait of George Floyd in black and white crowns Floyd with a halo. Blue tears stream down his face as his mouth is covered by a red cloth that reads "I Can't Breathe". Floyd's black hoodie is decorated with a…

Street Art of a large Black Fist surrounded by numerous hashtags, including BLM, FAITH, SALAM, HOPE, PEACE, UNITY, LOVE, and JUSTICE.

Painted on the Islamic Center, this consists of the words "JUSTICE" and "OPPRES$ION" and "INNOCENT" and "HUMANITY" in large, stylized letters. Additional text reads "Whoever kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed all of humanity. Quran…

Signs outside the Chicago Ave. entrance of the George Floyd Memorial identifying the area as a sacred, holy, and healing space.

Colorful graffiti on the plywood boards on the storefront of the Chicago Ave. Speedway. Statements include "Twin Cities Stand Together," "Faith," "Peace," "Love," "Hope,""Confidence," and "Never Give Up."
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