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A piece of plywood on a brick building reads "Black Lives Matter." "Black" and "Matter" surround the shape of an eye. "Lives" is written inside of the eye in blue letters. Behind "Lives" is a yellow peace sign.

A piece of plywood on the side of a brick building depicts a blue circle inside of a yellow circle. "Power to the" is written in the yellow circle and "People" and "BLM" are written in the blue circle. Underneath the phrases, are seven eyes. At the…

Painting of a human eye with the words "Dont Not See" written around it.

Plywood painted black with three painted images. A brown eye with the words "We see you Black Lives Matter." A black fist in a female symbol with a quote from Maya Angelou "you may shoot me with your words you may cut me with your eyes you may kill…

Rays in rainbow colors extend from behind a blue eye with long eyelashes. "LOVE" is in pink block letters at the lower corner.

White lettering questions "What do U want me to see in U?" above a blank space, inviting participation. To the right, "Don't NotSee" surrounds an eye. Part of a diptych with "Humanize Human Eyes"

"Humanize Human Eyes" is written in stylized letters around a large painted eye on plywood.
Left side of a diptych with "Don't Not See".

A complex crocheted piece attached to fencing. The central element consists of an eye with the planet Earth in the center. Text reads "Justice for George Floyd." Additional text provides names such as Rodney King, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. A…
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