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Five Black Power fists with "Minneapolis Strong," a dove and a crow on one side, and a yellow star and "#UptownMinneapolis" on the other.

A MN outline with a dove, a flower, a peace sign, an octopus tentacle, a Black woman's face in a heart, and two figures holding hands. "MINNESOTA STRONG" and "We stand Together."

Five Black Power fists with "Minneapolis Strong," "We Hear You," and "#uptownminneapolis" framing them. A white dove to the left. A yellow star to the right.

Piece with a Minnesota outline filled with abstracted imagery including: a Black and White person, a peace sign, a white dove, a purple tulip, an octopus tentacle, and a Black woman's face as a heart. Purple block text to the right reads "Minnesota…

Unfinished black spray-painted dove flying toward an olive branch. The olive branch has lost its leaves in the wind. Outlines of sunflowers.

Other plwood boards have unfinished pieces: speech bubbles, leaves, and sunflowers caught in a gust of…

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Spray-painted mural with white text on yellow background reading "George Floyd." Above is a blue and green background with black and white text reading "PLEASE NEVER FORGET." A gray dove carrying an olive branch flies toward the viewer.

Black treble clef next to a flying dove. The dove is red and yellow, with a small black beak and a white eye.
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