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Sticker reading “All cops are bastards” with the text wrapped around the head of a pig wearing a police cap. The sticker is on the back of a street sign.

A wall in front of the public restrooms at Lafayette Park in Washington D. C. The wall is covered with graffiti from top to bottom. The graffiti is evidently written by many different hands using different colors of spray paint (black, red, and…

Various sidewalk messages at George Floyd Square reading: "Cops Suck Balls," "Natives Stand With BLM," and "Free Ghost."

A stop sign that has been modified with the addition of the word "COPS" in yellow spray paint.

A white, round sticker with a black picture of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s mugshot. A box with an X through it and the words “Bad Cop” are written to the left of the portrait.
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