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A large wall mural with brightly colored bubble letters reading "SAY HER NAME" in blue and red. In the middle of the words, a Black woman is painted, wearing a green shirt. A stylized red and gold heart is on her chest, and a red and gold halo is…

A portrait of a Black Woman has been drawn using permanent marker with the words "Hands Off!" written beneath her. The name "Carrie Morgan" is written here as well, presumably the artist.

This section of mural shows a Black woman painted in shades of blue and purple. She is surrounded by blue and green flowers.

This section of mural shows the lower half of the face of a Black woman. She is holding a blue flower. The background is white and pink. On her shoulder are the letters "MDMN.) There are blankets and clothing in front of the wall.

#O Futuro É Uma Muher Preta ("the future is a black woman") is painted in white traffic paint on the pavement.

This piece is comprised of a triptych depiction of a woman of African descent with an afro. Each segment is a different color of the Ethiopian flag. The woman is painted in coordinating colors of maroon and green.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 11.39.58 PM.png
A portrait of a black woman with an afro. The words "Stop Killing Us!" in white letters are on a red banner that covers her eyes.

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1. An image of a Black woman with purple hair in a black dress. In her hair, she wears white flowers and the words "Black Lives Matter." In the background is a heartbeat line.
A portrait of Geroge Floyd, wearing a black sweater that says "Breathe,"…

Piece with a Minnesota outline filled with abstracted imagery including: a Black and White person, a peace sign, a white dove, a purple tulip, an octopus tentacle, and a Black woman's face as a heart. Purple block text to the right reads "Minnesota…

Two panels: first has "Crying Bout they Target We BEEN Targets" over buffs. The second has "Your white tears will find no comfort here." Pink paper posters with a Black woman on them underneath the text.
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