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A sticker reading "Résister n'est pa un crime" (To resist is not a crime) with text superimposed over an image of two police officers in riot gear, one with a hand reaching out to block the camera.

Two posters adhered to a building at George Floyd Square with wheat paste. The posters in done in a typeface and illustration style reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. A cartoonish police officer stands in a bucket that says "Mpls. Police Federation." He holds…

Graffiti on the facade of the Department of the Treasury using red, black, and blue spray paint. Text includes "We are unarmed!," "Fuck the system," "We want equality," "Pig pen," "ACAB," as "Fuck 12" in simple lettering. "Black Lives Matter" is…

The phrase “Welcome to the Pig Pen” written in green spray paint across four plywood boards covering windows of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation. The building is boarded up on the front and a large, black, iron fence surrounds the parking…

The sign is a no parking sign showing a capital letter “P” with a red circle with a diagonal dash through it. Affixed over the “P” of the sign is a clear plaque with a monotone image of the bust of former Minneapolis police lieutenant Bob Kroll. On…
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