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Several pieces of anti-cop graffiti on one wall, written by different hands and different colors of spray paint. Included are "Good Cop = Dead," "cops are murderers," "Kill Derek Chaufin," and "Killa cop save a life [smiley face]." This wall also…

A sticker in red, black, white and grey with "defund the police" with a police car.

"Arrest All 4" in blue, green, and yellow graffiti on wood boards.

A series of plywood panels decorated with hearts and text. The text reads "Justice 4 George Floyd," "Black Lives Matter," "OD'S," "Justice," and "Prosecute Bad Cops" with an outline of a pig head.

A photo of a light grey house with white trim. There is a cinder block stone wall in front of the house, with stairs leading up to the front door. There is graffitti on the stone wall done in red paint. To the left of the steps "BLM" to the right of…

The exterior of a building. "Fuck 12" is written in black spray paint on the side of the building.

Large bubble letters reading "Defund Police" in shades of purple and blue.

A large piece of white cardboard with the names of Black people killed by police written on it. The letters are small because there are so many names.

USPS that reads “Black Lives Matter ACAB” on a sign located along a bike path in Van Nuys, CA at sunset.
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