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A white and blue building exterior. "Fuck 12" "LLDD" are written on the building in a messy script.

Black aerosol tag on sidewalk reading "Fuck 12" and "Resist."

Gray aerosol tag on side of restroom building. Tag reads, "FUCK 12" with "WE ARE COMING . . ." and "... A.T.P" below.

A photo taken during the now-infamous protestor occupation (CHOP) of the East Police Precinct in Capitol Hill, Seattle. From the contributor: "My photo depicts the alteration to the entrance sign, reading "Seattle PEOPLE Department." This was the…

A scrawled tag reading "Burn them all" on the street in front of Seattle Police’s East Precinct practically glows on top of the muted, grey asphalt and stencil of George Floyd. The bright yellow splatters and violent plea capture the message’s…

Various stickers on a pole outside of Cup Foods, including Murderous Police--City of Lakes and Fuck Trump.

A poster reading "Defund the Police." Purple on orange background. Attached to a barricade blocking of George Floyd Square.

A bright red stencil reading "FUCK MPD" on the pavement

Graffiti in red spray painting reading "FUCK 12."

A poster attached to a post reading
"Community Demands:
1. Stop all encampment evictions
2. Convert vacant buildings into housing
3. Make housing free
4. End the separation of families
5. Abolish the police
6. Mayor Jacob Frey…
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