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A number of air fresheners hang on the chain link fence that surrounds the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Graffiti reading "Murderapolis" is written on the Jersey barrier visible in the background.

Air fresheners - referring to the alleged reason Daunte Wright was pulled over - hanging from a fence surrounding the Brooklyn Center Police Department along with graffiti messages on the cement bases like "Fuck the System".

Various graffiti on the concrete base of the fence surrounding the Brooklyn Center Police Department following the death of Daunte Wright. Messages range from anti-policing to messages of love and tributes to Daunte Wright. The wired part of the…

A mural of multiple hands enveloping Daunte Wright as he looks skyward. One arm is held aloft with an air freshener hanging from his finger. A halo of gold surrounds his head and a gold teardrop runs down his face. The words Beloved is written on the…
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