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BLM_ Plaza-9.jpg
Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette Park and the White House in Washington, DC.

Messages read "Racism is a pandemic too," and "Can't trust a kneeling cop either," and more.…

A sign hooked on a fence outside the White House with an image of Breonna Taylor, smiling and wearing a crown. Text reads “Justice for Breonna Taylor."

Large chalk drawing on pavement reading "#BLM" and "Don’t lose your humanity."

A complex crocheted piece attached to fencing. The central element consists of an eye with the planet Earth in the center. Text reads "Justice for George Floyd." Additional text provides names such as Rodney King, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. A…

#Black Lives Matter mural art in yellow, black and brown, in the midst of flowers and with a DC flag painted in yellow.

George Floyd Rest in Power, stencil on plywood board.

The image is of a photo collage that includes an overturned car on fire, protesters with Black Lives Matter and No Justice No Peace signs, and a protestor running with a burden on their back that says, "The American Dream."
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