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"Defund The Police" is painted in yellow, white, and orange on the street.

This representation of the Black House Autonomous Zone consists of houses placed in a large circle. The houses appear to be made of stone.

"If All Lives Mattered I Would Not Be Screaming BLM!!!" is spray-painted in yellow on the street.

"Black Lives!!!" is written in black tape in a crosswalk.

"No Justice No Peace" is spray-painted in blue on the street. An "A" with a circle around it is spray-painted next to it in orange.

"Tony," "George," "Breonna," and "Ahmaud" are written on the sidewalk. Each of these people are victims of police brutality.

A sign depicts an image of Ahmaud Arbery, a victim of white hate crime. He died on February 23, 2020. Above his image "B.L.M." is written in red.

A message is written in chalk on the street. It reads "Mayor Bowser Is Proposing A Budget Which Would Give $578 Million To The Police Next Year. That's: -125x What The Office Of Human Rights Gets -7x What Goes To Youth Rehabilitation -86x What Goes…

In this image is a road construction barrier with tags. Some of the tags include "Sayhername," "black autistic lives," "fuck 12," and "BLM."

In this mural, two hands join together. One hand is tan and the other is Black. Surrounding the hands is a ribbon that reads "Unity, Love, Hope, Change Together We Rise."
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