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The entrance to the occupied East Precinct in CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle. It's covered with art calling for funding for Black communities, defunding the police, ACAB, BLM, and equality.

The sign for the Seattle Police Department has been partially…

Yellow and Black graffiti of "revolution" on plyboard.

"Protect Indigenous People No More Stolen and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives #MMIWGT2S" spray painted in red on a sidewalk. MMIWGT2S refers to the Three Sisters Collective.

Painted text reads "Protect Black Lives" additional text was originally apart of the piece though is not legible due to weathering and fading.

Painted mural with "Practice Radical Compassion" and "Defund SPD" in thin, yellow, block letters on a black background with red squiggly accents.

"BLM" painted on three separate pieces of plywood using silver, black, and red.

A mask has been painted with red, green, and black. Gold lettering reads "Pay The Fee, Equity Now, Free The Land."

"Our Streets" painted on a plywood mural in black, white, teal, and yellow.

A No Parking sign has been modified, adding an "S" and "D" so the sign reads "SPD" (got Seattle Police Department) with a line through it to indicate its elimination.
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