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Informational sign edited with a black sharpie pen. The original text noted that in 1792 British explorers were “stunned to find Spanish ships at Point Grey” and “were welcomed by villagers who presented gifts of fish…” Edits to this sign were made…

Children’s clothing, stuffed animals, and photos of missing children are placed on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery to memorialize “215 children whose remains have been found buried at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, in…

A white sign reads "No More Stolen Sisters" with a red handprint. The red handprint symbolizes the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement.

Black paint on stairs near the Residential Schools Protest occupying Robson Square in Vancouver, Canada. The black paint reads "No More," "Stolen," and "Sisters." The protest responded to the abuse of Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation children at…

A red handprint is painted on cement. The red handprint is a symbol of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement.

A figure's face is painted on the side of a building in white, blue, and red. Next to the figure, is a red heart with white wings. Around the heart, a date is written in blue, and "In Memory Shane" is written in white. Inside of the heart is a male…

A sticker reads "Justice For Jared" with a bald eagle. The bald eagle holds a ribbon in its talons that reads "Disarm-Defund-Dismantle Police For A Kinder-Safer Future."

"BLUE LIVES MURDER, JUSTICEFORJARED.ORG" is written on a brown wheatpasting on a wall of a building. The text is written in blue, red, and black. Surrounding the wheat pasting is other writing such as "no backstairs" in light blue.

Four wheatpaste posters are placed on a wall. Two posters read "Antifa Area" while the other two read "Refugees Welcome."

A poster on the side of a building reads "Wanted Vancouver Police Department (VPD)" in bold black letters. In between "Wanted" and "Vancouver Police Department (VPD)" is the VPD police crest. Other writing on the poster reads "For Theft Under…
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