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Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 9.12.14 AM.png
A boarded up shop front with large "BLM," "Big Floyd" in bubble letters, "No Justice, No Peace," "BLM," and "Local Owned."

Paulitas Gifts_2413 Central Ave NE_55418_1.jpg
A fully boarded up Paolita's Sur Envios with an "I Can't Breathe" sign attached to the outside.

A fully boarded up Monte Sinai, with BLM Fists and "Defund Slavery Now" spray painted on the boards.

Kyatchi - Cocina Latina_3758-3764 Nicollet_55409_1.jpg
A boarded up Kyatchi and Cocina Latina Restaurant with BLM spray painted on board, along with "Black Lives Matter," "Justice," "Peace," "Say Their Names," and "George Floyd" written in marker.

Jackalope Tattoo_3753 Cedar_55407_1.jpg
"Justice 4 Floyd" spray painted in bubble letters on a boarded up Jackalope Tattoo Parlor. Also in spray paint is "A Riot is the Language of the Unheard - MLK," "Justice for George," and ACAB."

Empty Storefront_18 W 38th_55409_1.jpg
Boarded up empty storefront with "Justice 4 George Floyd," "We R One!" and "BLM" spray-painted on board.

Empty Storefront_1 W 38th_55409_2.jpg
Empty storefront covered with boards with "Love" spraypainted vertically on the door. Also includes "BLM," "George," and "Parent + Kid Residence" written in marker.

Diversity Adultcare Services_962 University_55104_1.jpg
A boarded up Diversity Adultcare Services building, with "Fuck 12 LLDD" spraypainted on the entryway fence.

Cheng Heng Restaurant_448 University_55103_01.jpg
A boarded up Cheng Heng Restaurant with "Open" spray painted on board.
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