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Three works:

Multicolored background with "Black Lives Matter" in black and a Black woman in the lower corner with red on her head and white tears down her face.

Red text "UN," a white and black fist clasped together, "TE" with a red underline…

Floral mural with the phrase "Abolish the Police" written on the left and "Heal Invest Uplift our Community" written on the right. In between these two phrases are small signs that read "I Can't Breath" and "Black Lives Matter." The flowers are…

"HOPE" in orange and blue bubble letters. "UNITE," "Love," and "BSH" in orange text.

A plywood board mural. The mural has a base coat of white paint. A large raised solidarity fist inside a circle is drawn with black lines and colored blue. The fist is decorated with swirls, flowers, hearts, stars, and a sun symbol. "LOVE" is written…
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