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Plywood mural with a blue background of a fist within a pink blooming tree, its roots running underground around the words "Racial trauma runs deep, but together we rise" painted in white.

Several buttons are placed on a tree, one button is a smiley face, one a raccoon, and one that reads "One Love" on a green, yellow and red background.

Blue and black text "Breathe In Justice" with tree roots in the center. Lilacs bloom from the tips. "Rest In Power May 25, 2020," in small blue text on the roots.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 3.35.07 PM.png
1. Pink square. Red banner with three fists (white, brown, black). Text reads 'raise you your voice'.
2. Tree with a heart at its roots. On the bottom tree is 'justice for George' above says 'I'll never understand but I stand with you'.

Located on Pike Island in Fort Snelling State Park, a tree is carved with George Floyd's name.
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