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Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 8.12.59 AM.png
"REVOLUTION" in 3-d dripping letters. Additional text reads "RIP HOMIE GEORGE."

George Floyd in coral and turquoise wildstyle letters.

Bubble letters in white with black outline reading "I CAN'T BREATHE" set against a pool of red. Smaller text reads "8.46."

Black Lives Matter in white bubble letters with black outline placed on a field of read.

White text on a black ground reading "In Memory of George Floyd 25.05.2020 Died of police violence at the age of 46."

On the top of the board in black letters with purple drop shadow the text reads, "rest in peace". The middle text written in blue reads "big." The bottom text reads "Floyd."

The text "George Floyd" written in flowing type on top of a red, white and black background.

The throw up on the left depicts the words "George Floyd" in bright letters backed by a blue intentional paint splatter. On the right words "One 21st" can be seen behind the civilians in the photo.

Blue handwritten text that reads, "rip king". A paper flyer in the bottom right corner reads "a spell for healing".

"We Are Open" along with "BLM" and "FLOYD JUSTICE" with flowers on a restaurant storefront. "No Justice, No Peace" has been written on the flower.
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