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"Say His Name" is painted in red/orange above "RIP" painted in a yellow, orange, pink, purple, gradient.

Pink and white "WoLakota" with black shading. The second "o" is a red heart. Green leaves and blue bubbles make up the background. A red heart is at the center bottom. "Bde Maka Ska," "Lakota Style," "Dakota Land 2020," are in pink.

Throw up of "UNITY" in green, yellow, and blue bubble letters on an orange background with bubbles and green squiggles. "DH." in the lower corner.

Three throw ups: red and blue "George Justice,"; "I CANT BREATHE" in blue and yellow; and "FLOYD!" in green. These works cover previous tags.

"I CAN'T BREATHE!" in large block letters covers previous tags including: "Please Don't Burn," "Kill Kroll" and other informational tags.

Green and pink bubble letters "Show your Love" with a peace sign and hearts.

Orange, red, and blue "WE LOVE YOU GEORGE" and "THE MAN THAT CHANGED THE WORLD...." at the lower left corner.

Three throw ups:

Blue bubble letter "justice." A brown "4" to the right.

Pink bubble letter "GEORGE" around the corner.

Blue bubble letter "FLOYD."

Purple bubble letters, "'I Can't Breathe' 2020."

White "WE ARE OPEN! VENTURE IN." sign over the work.

Bubble letter "Floyd" in red, yellow, and green. Background is purple wavy lines. Black cursive "George" at the top.
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