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"Justice 4 George Floyd" in bubble letters. Letters are light and dark blue with a dark blue splatter background and pink shading.

Blue and pink "FLOYD." The O is a heart. Tags: "Hums Liquor," "Minority Owned Business," "Love Each Other," "Black Lives Matter," around the work.

Throw up with purple bubble letters, "FLOYD." The letters are light purple at the top and dark purple at the bottom. Three yellow spheres at the bottom of each letter. The background is pink. A halo sits above the letters.

Purple bubble letters, "FLOYD" with a halo on the top. Three yellow spheres at the bottom of each letter. Pink background.

Orange letters, "We Demand Justice" with a teal bubble background.

"George Floyd" and "Rest in Power" in blue and pink block letters, with fist of power with flowers, painted on glass.

A George Floyd memorial piece by KARS amidst other recent graffiti found on a freight line beneath Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Red and white "God" in wildstyle letters. To the right is a rendition of Justice as a woman holding a sword and scales, with a blindfold on. Above the works is text, "If This Is 'One Nation' Under "GOD" Where Is Liberty And Justice For…

Text with purple hearts on either side. Reads "Love" in orange, "Not" in green, and "Hate" in yellow.

Justice 4 George Floyd in large, purple bubble letters against a background of flowers.

Two throw ups: the first has blue bubble letters, "DERP," outlined in orange. The second has "Peace" in orange and yellow. The background is blue bubbles on green grass. "Zen" and "Stay Safe" in purple at the bottom.

The the right of both is a…
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