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Wall covered in graffiti, with a portrait of a Black man and "Portland STAND UP Long Live Larnell Bruce," in the center. The capitalized words are in yellow block letters with blue shading and orange outlining.

The graffiti filling in the…

Orange bubble letters, "Black Lives Matter," with neon yellow flowers scattered across work. Two rainbows at the corners and a blue background.

Panel to the left reads "A FAM LIVES HERE" with hearts and a peace sign.

Boards from Arbeiter Brewing located at 3036 Minnehaha Ave just doors down from the Third Precinct in Minneapolis reading "I Can't Breathe" as well as "George Floyd" and "Justice."

Three bubble letter throw ups reading "Love" in white and teal, "Hope" in pink and yellow, and "Unity, in white and teal. Underlined with a blue and pink stripe.

White "George Floyd" tag to the right.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.33.34 PM.png
"Floyd" in large letters, along with "In Memory of" and a portrait of George Floyd. Additional text provides the dates of Floyd's birth and death. Also included is text reading "No Nazis/No Cops!!!/1312"

Two works: one green flower with a tear shaped center. Beneath it reads "Demand Justice For Jamar Clark." The other is a throw up with "Justice" in white bubble letters, "4" in green, and "George!" in block type.

Three throw ups: red and blue "George Justice,"; "I CANT BREATHE" in blue and yellow; and "FLOYD!" in green. These works cover previous tags.

Pink and purple block letters "LOVE 2 THE N9NES." with a yellow puddle background.

White outlined purple and pink text reading "UNITY." Blue bubbles are behind it on a black background.
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