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Black bubble letters reading "George Floyd."

Throwie with purple "MPLS" on a blue splash background. Tag with "Minnesota" in black.

The throwie covers previous tags.

Red spray paint graffiti that reads "Rebuild Black Wall Street" and "Fuck 12" on the pavement near Cup Foods.

"George Floyd" in pale and light blue bubble letters. Black shading and a yellow outline. The background is red.

A "George Floyd" tag in black spray paint at the bottom was included by having the background surround it, but not cover it.

Black spray-painted tag, "BdPE."

Brown, red, and blue text on plywood, "Pray for MPLS," "RIP GEORGE FLOYD," and "Find Derek Chauvin."

Portrait of George Floyd with "I CAN'T BREATHE" in white lettering across his mouth. "OZY" and…

The storefront of Viva Video. The storefront is boarded up completely--all windows and doors. On the left side panel, there was graffiti. Someone has graffiti-ed the graffiti with black paint so that the original message is no longer legible. Next…

A photo of the grey exterior of a building with a white, metal door. (The kind of door you see on parking ramps.). The door has been spray painted with a white base coat. Large black letters spell out: "stop killing us"

Diversity Adultcare Services_962 University_55104_1.jpg
A boarded up Diversity Adultcare Services building, with "Fuck 12 LLDD" spraypainted on the entryway fence.

Grey bubble letters on plywoodwith white outline and black background. "Justice George Floyd."

Cluster of spray-painted messages including: "Cops Kill," "NO J, NO *peace sign* 2020," and "Protect + Serve My Ass." Panel of George Floyd with "Say My Name 1974-2020," at the bottom.
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