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"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in various colors. Each of the letters has a different design.

The mural was organized by UNC students.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow on the pavement.

With help from their coaches and approval from the city, the players spent July 3 painting “Black Lives Matter” in large yellow letters onto Dodge Avenue in front of their school. The…

Black Lives Matter is painted in white paint on the pavement. Behind each of the words, there is a different colored stripe. The word "Black" has a red stripe, "Lives" has a black stripe, and "Matter" has a green stripe. These are the colors of the…

Black Lives Matter is painted in yellow in a circular shape around a fountain. In between the letters are outlines of people and red/green/black shapes. These colors are a part of the Pan-African flag. The years 1619, 1865, and 2020 are painted in…

Black Lives Matter is painted on the pavement in various colors. "Black" is painted in yellow, "Lives" is painted in green, and "Matters" is painted in red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple.

|BLACK LIVES MATTER|||||||||||||||||| is painted in yellow traffic paint on pavement. The letters are 28 feet tall, spanning a 375-foot-long stretch of Fulton Street in Restoration Plaza. In addition to the Black Lives Matter message, the names of…
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