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A mural at the entrance of Gordon Parks High School. This is a complex mural loaded with symbolism. It is best to describe this mural in 5 parts (4 corners and the center).

The upper left portion of the mural has "Sankofa" written out in multi…

Spray-painted mural with white text on yellow background reading "George Floyd." Above is a blue and green background with black and white text reading "PLEASE NEVER FORGET." A gray dove carrying an olive branch flies toward the viewer.

Half moon/sun with stars to the left.

Painted and crayoned "George"s, rainbows, peace signs, suns, and small handprints.

Red and blue sun with large blue eyes and red lips. The outer ring of the sun has triangles and a chevron pattern. Four blue clouds surround the sun.

Wall filled with messages and symbols. Symbols include: peace sign, heart, sun, rainbow, eyeball, smiley face wearing a mask, stop sign and two Black Power fists, one with a broken chain and one with "Caution: Change." Messages include: "Through Good…

Black fist, colors_6.26.20.jpg
Painted on plywood covering a store front, a large Black power fist with rainbow rays behind it.

'BLACK JOY IS THE SUN' written inside of a painted yellow sun. A piece of a larger wall filled with related art.
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