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'BLACK JOY IS THE SUN' written inside of a painted yellow sun. A piece of a larger wall filled with related art.

Black fist, colors_6.26.20.jpg
Painted on plywood covering a store front, a large Black power fist with rainbow rays behind it.

Wall filled with messages and symbols. Symbols include: peace sign, heart, sun, rainbow, eyeball, smiley face wearing a mask, stop sign and two Black Power fists, one with a broken chain and one with "Caution: Change." Messages include: "Through Good…

Red and blue sun with large blue eyes and red lips. The outer ring of the sun has triangles and a chevron pattern. Four blue clouds surround the sun.

Painted and crayoned "George"s, rainbows, peace signs, suns, and small handprints.

Half moon/sun with stars to the left.

Spray-painted mural with white text on yellow background reading "George Floyd." Above is a blue and green background with black and white text reading "PLEASE NEVER FORGET." A gray dove carrying an olive branch flies toward the viewer.

A mural at the entrance of Gordon Parks High School. This is a complex mural loaded with symbolism. It is best to describe this mural in 5 parts (4 corners and the center).

The upper left portion of the mural has "Sankofa" written out in multi…
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